How to Heat a Cold Basement

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Basements are a fantastic additional space in a home. They’re perfect for extra storage, creating a family area, even extra bedrooms. One thing many basements have in common though, is that they’re often chilly. Why are basements naturally cold and how can you heat a chilly basement? It’s actually quite simple. Why is the Basement Cold? Basements are naturally colder. …

How to Prepare Your Furnace for Winter

How To Prepare Your Furnace For Winter

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We’ve been incredibly lucky and the weather hasn’t been too chilly yet, however, they’re always saying that Winter Is Coming. That couldn’t be more true in North America. That being said, it’s time to ensure that your furnace is ready to ensure your comfort for the chilly months ahead. Remember to do this a few weeks before winter sets in. …

How to set your thermostat in cold months to acheive maximum comfort

Setting Your Thermostat In Colder Months

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Whether you are an experienced homeowner who is disappointed in the latest heating bill or a new homeowner stunned by the actual costs of running a household, one thing is certain. You need to find the best settings for your thermostat for maximum savings and comfort. Setting your thermostat in colder months is a huge way to boost your comfort …