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You sanitize countertops, door handles and your hands to stop the spread of germs, but have you thought about sanitizing your home’s air? Napoleon’s UV-C air sanitization system uses Philips UV-C technology to keep your home’s air at its best by eradicating airborne contaminants like viruses, bacteria and mold. The same method that’s used in hospitals, UV-C technology is another defense against threats like coronaviruses and cold & flu season.

Made in Ontario Canada

Proudly made in Ontario Canada

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What is UV-C Technology?

UV-C technology is a chemical free method for sanitizing air, using an intense level of UV-C radiation it safely sterilizes airborne contaminants like viruses, bacteria, molds and other harmful pathogens.
UV-C is naturally present in sunlight, however most of it is absorbed by the earth’s ozone layer. Scientists found a way to replicate UV-C technology and have used it as a safe defense against viruses, bacteria, mold and harmful pathogens for many years. It stops all viruses from spreading – including Coronaviruses.

How Does UV-C Work in your HVAC System?

The air in your home is managed by your HVAC system – it circulates the air through vents in your floors and walls. When UV-C technology is included in your furnace, it will sanitize the air as it circulates, sterilizing viruses, bacteria molds and germs before they spread through your home. This means your home’s air will be sanitized regularly to ensure airborne threats are taken care of day and night.

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UV-C Full Kit

Napoleon’s UV-C Full Kit can be installed in front of your air filter and above your furnace. This allows the air to be sanitized as the it enters and exits your HVAC system, so you can breathe easy.
Available in two sanitization strength levels.

UV-C Twin Kit

Napoleon’s UV-C Twin Kit can be installed above your furnace allowing the air to be sanitized as the it exits your HVAC system and enters your home. With different configuration options the Twin Kit can be configured in a variety of ways to suit your HVAC systems’ needs.
Available in two sanitization strength levels.

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UV-C Furnace Kit

Napoleon’s UV-C Furnace Kit is included in every Ultimate 9700 Series gas furnace and offered as an accessory for every 9600 Series gas furnace. Installed directly in the cabinet of the furnace, the UV-C technology acts as a defense against any viruses, molds, bacteria or germs that pass through your furnace and into your home.