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Temperature Pre-sets



The Napoleon NT86 Thermostat is simple to use and includes distinct icons for each temperature pre-set. The NT86 offers unique features including Sleep Timer, and a bright LED screen means your settings are easy to view day or night.

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Temperature Pre-Sets

The NT86 offers three pre-sets – one for when you are home, sleeping or away. Setting up your pre-sets is easy, once completed simply select your preference through the click of a button and enjoy.

Sleep Timer

The Sleep Timer feature allows you to set the number of hours you’ll be sleeping. This way, the thermostat can automatically switch from Sleep mode to Home before you wake up in the morning, so your comfort settings have updated before you even get out of bed.

battery-backup icon

Battery Back-up

During unforeseen power-outages, the NT86 will automatically switch to battery power, ensuring your comfort settings are saved.