Clean Outdoor Air

Side Discharge NHRV65S

Energy Recovery Ventilator


for installation flexibility

Snap-in drain system





Smart Recovery

When outdoor temperatures are cold, Napoleon’s NHRV65S recovers energy with an efficiency rate of 83% when it’s 0C outside and 60% when it’s as cold as -25C. This high efficiency is what makes Napoleon’s product superior in the market.

Energy Star

Napoleon’s NHRV65S – Heat Recovery Ventilator is Energy Star Rated which means it has achieved the efficiency standards set by the government. This achievement means Napoleon’s NHRV65S is a product that had reduced energy consumption means lower energy bills.

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Whisper Quiet Image

Whisper Quiet Operation

Napoleon’s heat recovery ventilators are the quietest way to invite outdoor air into your home. As they keep your environment fresh, they won’t make a sound as they are no louder than a whisper. .