Stylish Comfort

NHAS Series

Ductless Heat Pump


Cooling (BTU's)


Heating (BTU's)

Up To 20


Napoleon’s NHAS Series ductless heat pumps are the perfect solution for spaces without ducting. Clean, sleek and easy to use, the NHAS Series will meet your heating and cooling needs throughout the seasons.

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Heating and Cooling

The NHAS Series is a great fit for spaces that require heating and cooling without the use of ducting. Napoleon’s NHAS Series manages comfort levels and offers a clean look that compliments most interior design spaces.

Auto Restart

When unforeseen power outages occur, the NHAS Series will automatically restart and return to the original settings once power is restored.

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Remote Control

The NHAS Series includes a stylish remote control that includes a large LED screen. The remote control fully operates the unit from any seat in the room.

Sleep Mode

The NHAS can decrease the amount of energy it uses while you sleep while continuously maintaining comfort levels. Simply select the Sleep option on the remote and enjoy

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Auto Defrosting

The NHAS Series includes and Auto Defrost feature, which stops the evaporator from freezing and ensures the ductless unit can continue to dehumidify your home when it’s cold out.