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Style Meets Efficiency

NH21 Series

Ductless Heat Pump


Cooling (BTU's)


Heating (BTU's)

Up To 21


The Napoleon NH21 Series Ductless Heat Pumps are the perfect solution to any home without ducting. The white, sleek indoor wall mount blends into most rooms as it quietly maintains comfort levels.

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Heating and Cooling

Napoleon’s NH21 conveniently provides both heating and cooling for your home. The NH21 easily switches between settings to ensure your comfort levels are maintained.

Energy Star Rated

Napoleon’s NH21 is an Energy Star Rated product, which means it has achieved the energy efficiency rating standard set by the government. These standards have been put into place to encourage the reduction of greenhouse emissions – the higher the energy rating the less emissions produced.

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Auto Restart

When unforeseen power outages occur, the NH21 will automatically restart and return to the original settings once power is restored.

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Remote Control

Napoleon’s NH21 comes with the stylish remote control, which includes an LED screen and is capable of fully controlling the ductless unit.

Sleep Mode

The NH21 can decrease the amount of energy it uses while you sleep, and continue to maintain comfort levels. Simply select the Sleep option on the remote and relax.

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Auto Defrosting

The NH21 is built with an Auto Defrost feature that ensures the evaporator won’t freeze, and will continue to dehumidify your home when it’s cold out.