The Highest Performance

Top Discharge NERV2400T

Energy Recovery Ventilator

Up to

60% less energy consumption

High Efficiency


Optional HEPA



Winter Temperature Approved

Throughout winter weather, Napoleon’s NERV2400T recovers up to 80% of heating when it’s -10C outside, and up to 73% when it’s -25C, making it the best heat recovery performance available.

Energy Star

Napoleon’s NERV2400T – Energy Recovery Ventilator is up to three times more efficient then Energy Star requirements. This means the NERV2400T surpasses the efficiency standards set by the government, making it a superior air quality product to include in your heating and cooling system.

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Whisper Quiet Image

Whisper Quiet Operation

Napoleon’s energy recovery ventilators are the quietest way to invite outdoor air into your home. They are continually WHISPER QUIET as they work to keep your indoor environment at its best.