Convenient Cooling

NC19 Series

Ductless Air Conditioner

12,000 up to 22,000

BTU’s of cooling




Chlorine-free refrigerant

Napoleon’s NC19 Ductless Air Conditioner is an ideal way to add the comfort and convenience of air conditioning to your home without using ducting. Unobtrusive and easy to use, the NC19 Ductless Air Conditioner features an energy-efficient sleep mode and louver position memory for consistent cooling comfort.

autorestart icon

Auto Restart

When unforeseen power outages occur, the NC19 will automatically restart and return to the original settings once power is restored.

Remote Control

Napoleon’s NC19 Series includes a stylish remote control that conveniently adjusts all of your settings.

remote control icon

Sleep Mode

The NC19 can decrease the amount of energy it uses while you sleep, and continue to maintain comfort levels.