If you are lucky enough to have or be building a sunroom addition to your house, one of the biggest concerns will be how to keep this space comfortable throughout the seasons. Heating and cooling options for sunrooms don’t have to be overly complicated. In fact, there are two fairly easy solutions to the issue.
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How To Heat And Cool A Sunroom

Existing Sunroom If you have an existing sunroom that does not have any ducts or vents, your best bet for year round comfort is to install a ductless heat pump system unless you live in a warm climate that does not experience overly cold temperatures, then you will only need a ductless A/C. There are two components to a ductless system, an exterior unit and the indoor wall mount that is controlled via remote. Heat pumps work by extracting the outside heat and bringing it indoors when it is cold outside, and removing heat from your home when it is hot.

Building New If you are building a new sunroom as an addition to your home, consider extending your home’s current ductwork to provide comfort. Compare the cost of a ductless system vs. extending your current heating and cooling solution to make the best choice for your home comfort.

Other Ways To Ensure Comfort

Make things easier on your heating and cooling system by adding extra insulation to the sunroom, and shades to block out the sun through the hottest parts of the day. Thick carpet or throw rugs on the floor will add an extra layer of warmth in the cooler months as well.

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