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You may not think about it but your heating and cooling equipment are integral to the comfort you enjoy in your home. Whether your furnace or AC are making a strange noise, or it’s time for an inspection here is what you can expect when calling your HVAC professional for a tune-up.

Ask Yourself

If you notice that things at home aren’t as comfortable as you like them to be, you need to ask yourself some important questions.

  • Am I comfortable or are there hot/cold spots when the equipment is running?
  • Am I hearing abnormal noises when the equipment is running?
  • Are there strange smells, or have the carbon monoxide sensors gone off?

What To Expect

Now that you have someone coming to have a look at the source of the clean air and comfort in your home, you need to know what to expect. First thing is first, make sure that the area around your furnace and air conditioner, as well as any other heating and cooling equipment they may be looking at are clear and clean.

  • Upon arrival, any issues or concerns should be discussed with the tech. If you cannot be there, someone in your stead needs to know all the facts, unless this is just a routine checkup.
  • The professional technician will check the gas pressure, drain – ensuring the trap is clear, the power, and pull the blower and secondary heat exchanger to make sure they’re also clean and in working order.
  • Anything amiss will be discussed with the homeowner and a course of action set as needed. If something is wrong, the HVAC tech may need to get parts and return another day.
  • Finally, paperwork is exchanged to ensure that everything discussed is handled in the manner agreed upon.

To prevent your home from getting uncomfortable, remember to have your heating and cooling equipment inspected by an HVAC professional at least once per year. You should also change your air filter every few months, especially if you have pets. When was the last time you had your HVAC system tuned up?

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