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Furnace Maintenance Tips – Avoid The Red Tag

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This week, a friend of mine shared a story about how they had to have a gas technician in to service their furnace because it wasn’t working. As it turns out, it was leaking gas and had to be red tagged. According to the law, the furnace or gas appliance cannot be used until a gas fitter approves the appliances …

What is my Air Conditioner doing?

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While we greatly appreciate our air conditioners during the summer months, it’s a bit of a head scratcher for most when they think about how the taupe box labeled ‘Napoleon’ outside their home manages to keep their indoor environment so cool? I was discussing this with a friend of mine as we were wandering through the different temperature zones in …

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Lower the Humidity in Your Home

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Some days, no matter what you do, it’s like walking into some tropical jungle. It’s so humid! Even with a dehumidifier or an air conditioner, you may need an extra hand to combat the sticky, humidity lingering in the air. There are a lot of household products sold in stores to fight moisture, including baking soda; but, there are other …

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How Insulation Will Improve Your Heating and Cooling System Now

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There’s nothing like knowing your Heating and Cooling systems are going to reliably make your home comfortable, but have you considered the other side of heating and cooling your house? Our guest blogger, Miranda Pickering of Houzz explains how insulation affects your home in more ways than one, what R-Value is and your building envelope. Adding insulation to your home’s …

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Regional HVAC: How Your Climate Affects HVAC Performance

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Summers are getting hotter and you need to be aware of how exterior temperatures and climate affect the performance of your heating and cooling equipment and what you can do to ensure that they’re running at peak performance when you need them the most. Our guest blogger Erin will explain how to help your HVAC products both inside and out …

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How to Get Clean Air Indoors Without Opening a Window

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As a society that no longer lives as hunter gatherers, we spend an increasing amount of time indoors. Some studies have said up to 90% of our day is spent in such a way. Managing the quality of the air we breathe in these interior spaces is paramount to continued health. Contrary to what you may believe; making the places …

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What’s the Hype with Hybrid Furnaces

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In Canada, we’ve seen it all. Power outages, ice storms, heat waves followed by the bitterest cold. We were swapping stories in the office one day, relating tales of the last snowmageddon. My own tale was that of crazy low temperatures that caused the pipes in my basement dungeon apartment to freeze. The poor furnace was just unable to cope …


Furnace Fuel Type Comparison

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Natural gas is one of the cheapest forms of energy available to the residential consumer. In fact, natural gas has historically been much cheaper than electricity as a source of energy. If you’re replacing an existing gas furnace, this is the easiest way to go. If you don’t have natural gas but have access to it, it’s an easier option …