Napoleon® Furnaces

Gas Furnace Hybrid Furnace 

Hybrid Furnace

Hybrid Furnace

 Fuel Types:  Natural gas and propane Wood (Oil & Electric modules available)
Efficiencies: up to 97%   88.6% on Wood – 85% AFUE on oil
BTU’s:    45,000 – 120,000 150,000 Wood / 70,000 Electric – 93,000 oil


Why choose a Napoleon® Furnace?
Aside from Napoleon’s notorious passion for high quality manufacturing and customer satisfaction, we maintain serious bragging rights for the superior engineering from our research and development team. They’ve designed some of the best products on the market with innovative designs surpassing technology and our competition.  We proudly carry “The Only Gas Furnaces designed and manufactured in Canada” the 9600 at 96% efficiency and 9500 Series at 95% efficiency.  They are the shortest furnaces on the market with four configurations to be installed almost anywhere and in the smallest of spaces. On top of multi-configurations we offer two cabinet sizes for higher BTU output while maintaining their efficiency. They also have zero clearance in any position so they can be installed anywhere without the worry of combustibles. Our Hybrid Furnaces provide fuel alternatives as our HMF100 offers double configuration to switch from wood to electric, offering peace of mind when the wood burns out you’ll never be left in the cold.

Our HMF 150 offers triple fuel configuration to operate on wood, oil and electric for triple the reliability with 86.6% efficiency burning wood. Although many furnaces function similarly, it is the quality and technology that makes the difference and Napoleon never shorts on quality. They offer solid construction and automated combustion control with an impressive fully welded and completely lined combustion chamber that will give you many years of safe and trouble free performance. The advanced combustion system not only burns fuel, but the gases that are mixed at a precise ratio of temperature and oxygen. This makes a cleaner burn that results in more heat, cleaner air, faster start up, less maintenance and less energy on your part to feed. Your peace of mind is always enforced with our lifetime and limited lifetime furnace warranties.

Napoleon® Air Conditioners


Ductless Air Conditioner
Central Air Conditioner
Hybrid Furnace
 Fuel Types: Natural gas and propane Natural gas and propane
Efficiencies: up t0 17 SEER up to 14.5 SEER
BTU’s Cooling: up to 24,000 up to 60,000 / hour

Why choose a Napoleon® Air Conditioner?
Luxury appliances for the home can be costly and aren’t an option for a lot of home owners. Napoleon’s Air Conditioners are designed to give you peace of mind with high quality engineering and high efficiency to provide years of safe and reliable performance; making a luxury item a more worthwhile purchase that will bring balance and comfort to your home for years to come. Being energy efficient and environmentally friendly are only a couple of features designed for your peace of mind. For a long term purchase that takes thought and is a comfort for daily use, we want to ensure your Napoleon is the right choice. Our Central Air Conditioner features a next generation refrigerant that is chlorine-free and better for the environment, Energy Star rated, 1.5 to 5 tons of cooling capacity and with a heat pump model it provides year round heating and cooling comfort. Whisper Quiet™ operation makes you feel comfortable without the noise of the blower in the background.  Variety is always an option as we offer a ductless unit that gives you a cost effective option to cool without the installation of a cooling unit. Our authorized Napoleon Heating & Cooling dealers are part of our extended family and are there to help you choose the right model and size to perfectly balance your home.